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”Tracy shares intimate details of her personal struggles while boldly fighting for her son's life, always acclaiming God's perfect plan, even when it might not have been clear through the battle. She presents many lessons for anyone going through critical struggles with health issues, even having the courage to respect her intuition and challenge the 'professionals'."

- Kathy N., Amazon Customer

”There is so much that can be learned when we read stories of how ordinary people navigate extraordinary circumstances. Bryce's journey is one such story. This is a book which would help not just families like Bryce's but any families who are battling tough times. A great read to grow your faith and be encouraged in dark times that never seem to end. Highly recommended.”

- Meredith, Goodreads Reviewer

This book found its way to me at a perfect time with a message I so desperately needed. I am so thankful for the information shared that I related to and learned from. I know I will go back and reference this book often through our CHD journey.

- Megan, Kindle Reviewer

Prayerful WARRIOR Mom" is more than a memoir; it's a spiritual guide for parents facing the daunting world of congenital heart disease (CHD). The author weaves a narrative rich with vulnerability, guiding readers through her family's personal story while offering support for those on a similar journey. Its heartfelt prose promises not just to resonate emotionally but also to serve as an essential companion for those in need of guidance and hope.

- John W., Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer